Absalom Station

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Floating in the orbit formerly occupied by Golarion, Absalom Station is the primary home of humanity and the undisputed center of both interstellar trade and governance among the Pact Worlds. From here, the Pact Council and its legion of delegates from all recognized Pact Worlds control the fragile alliance keeping harmony in the system, while also regulating property claims on newly discovered worlds. Here as well are the headquarters of the interplanetary law-enforcement officers called Stewards, Abadar Corp’s home offices (at least on the Material Plane), the Archives of the galaxy-exploring Starfinders, and more. Yet the most important feature of the space station is not its grand and mysterious architecture, nor its myriad residents,but the strange artifact locked deep within the station’s heavily guarded core: the fabled Starstone. For reasons unknown even to priests of Triune, the Starstone not only powers the station but acts as an immensely powerful hyperspace beacon, allowing ships to jump quickly to the space around it no matter the distance and making Absalom Station a natural relay point for voyages returning from beyond the solar system.


  • The Arms – The corridors that stretch from the center to the edge to the outer docks
  • The Eye – Massive transparent central dome where the station’s wealthy reside
    • Nyori Pallisades – Wealthiest district, Acquisitives office
    • Parkside – Eoxian embassy
  • The Ring – Corridors that connect the Arms, middle class section of the station
    • Bluerise Tower – Corporate buildings, Astral Extractions headquarters
    • Lorespire Complex – Headquarters for the Starfinder Society and Dataphiles faction
  • The Spike – “Downside”, the levels extending below the station’s radial plane
    • Botscrap – Junkyards controlled by the Salvage Union, location of Ratrod’s racetrack
    • Downlow – Poor but trendy neighborhood
      • Julzakama’s Loans – Shop of the vesk pawnbroker Julzakama
      • Vat Garden – Ysoki-run nursery, sometimes used to dispose of bodies
      • Warehouse – Headquarters of the Exo-Guardians
    • Fusion Queen – Club and headquarters of the Downside Kings
    • Level 21 – Controlled/protected by the Level 21 Crew gang
  • The Armada – Fleet of ships orbiting the station
    • Master of Stars – Headquarters of the Wayfinders faction
    • Porkchop Express – Vessel of Captain Otal Serissi, of the Hardscrabble Collective

Absalom Station

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