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Once, long ago, Eox was a lush world with a dominant species, called elebrians, who were very similar to humans. Modern Eox is inhospitable to most living creatures, its atmosphere poisonous and thin, with areas of rampant radiation and runaway magic both common and generally unmarked. By far the majority of creatures encountered on Eox are undead. Politically, Eox is divided into individual fiefdoms, each of which has a bone sage – a title granted to only the most politically and magically powerful elebrians – ruling absolutely over potentially thousands of vassals, both intelligent and monstrous. The bone sages as a whole present a powerful unified front to the rest of the Pact Worlds, one that, contrary to popular rumor, is not so much evil as coldly amoral and utilitarian. Eox was one of the first planets to support the creation of the Pact, despite the fact that this change in policy caused a significant portion of Eox’s military to go rogue. Though Eox has officially disowned the Corpse Fleet, many other worlds suspect that the bone sages maintain secret ties with this predatory legion.


During their investigation of the lost starship the Unbounded Wayfarer, the crew encountered the ghoul Exegara, a native of Eox. She directed them to the Corpse Fleet starship Endless Threnody, which had found the wreckage of the Starfinder Society ship.


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