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Sunrise Maiden – Tier 7
Sanjaval Vagabond, Medium explorer
Speed 10; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift 1
AC 16; TL 14
HP 65; DT —; CT 13
Shields Medium 120 (forward 30, port 30, starboard 30, aft 30)
Attack (Forward) (long – 20 hexes) twin laser (5d8)
Attack (Port) (medium – 10 hexes) heavy laser cannon (4d8)
Attack (Starboard) (medium – 10 hexes) heavy laser cannon (4d8)
Attack (Aft) N/A
Attack (Turret) (long – 20 hexes; 8) heavy antimatter missile launcher (10d10)
Power Core Pulse Blue (200 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic
Systems basic short sensors, crew quarters (good), mk 6 armor, mk 4 defenses, mk 3 duonode computer (tier 3, artificial personality “Sunny”)
Expansion Bays cargo holds (2), escape pods, trivid den
Modifers +3 to any 2 checks per round, +2 Computers (sensors), +1 Piloting; Complement 1–6

In service for over 100 years, Vagabonds are still regularly used throughout the Pact Worlds as cargo haulers, smuggling ships, and exploratory survey vessels. While a crew of six is the standard complement for the Vagabond, the ship’s coordinated control interface and double redundancies on critical systems were designed to allow a single pilot to operate the vessel with little difficulty.

Utilizing the popular explorer frame, the Vagabond is equipped with a Pulse Green power core, high- grade Dakkar M10-E thrusters, and a Signal Basic Drift drive. Standard armament is a Gorkal broad-arc gyrolaser mounted forward, supplemented by two Reinbach light laser cannons port and starboard. In addition, a turret-mounted Arabani Arms light particle beam projector provides 360-degree offensive capability at intermediate range.

Sanjaval Spaceflight Systems produces a variety of interchangeable service modules, from technomantic laboratories to deluxe guest cabins, all of which can be easily swapped out as needed at any basic spaceport in only a fraction of the time it takes to convert one expansion bay to another on other starships.

The Sunrise Maiden is a stock Vagabond. Captain Moriko Nash’s personal touches to the ship can be seen in the captain’s cabin and the vessel’s customized expansion bays, which include twin cargo holds, six escape pods, and a custom recreation suite incorporating both a gym and a holographic amusement chamber.

Sunrise Maiden

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