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The Veskarium refers to the eight-planet solar system that the militant vesk rule. The scaly race evolved on the planet closest to the sun, and from the beginning they easily cowed the bands of cave-dwelling snake-people, jackal-faced arthropods, and even stranger creatures there. This planet provided rich natural resources, an abundance of dry land, and beasts of war. However, its people hungered for even more power. Eventually, vesk took to space. They called their home Vesk Prime and renamed and numbered the subsequent planets farther from the sun as they overran them. Vesk rule from enormous military bases that double as governmental headquarters situated in key positions on each planet. A high despot rules each planet, forming a council that makes decisions for the Veskarium at large. Though their laws are autocratic, vesk see both themselves and their society as deeply honorable.


Boske and Galakrond originally hale from Vesk Prime.


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